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Moving Servers

Just like moving houses, moving servers is no fun and can be very stressful. I think I have a lot more gray hairs now than I did a week ago.

However, this move is great for us. We’ve got more space and a lot more speed which equals lots of room to grow.

If you’re reading this on the web site, you’re on the new server now. Please let me know if you see anything that is wrong or not working as it should be.

Thanks so much for your patience!!

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This post was published on January 25th, 2011. Post topics: Site News.

12 Responses to “Moving Servers”

  1. Greta says:

    It is looking quite nice!

  2. Sara says:

    Looking good!!!!

  3. marsha evans says:

    works great! seems faster… great job1

  4. Linda Jeter says:

    Looks and works great, very user friendly!

  5. Pat Boyce says:

    The site loaded just fine for me. Looks great too !

  6. Liz says:

    it is looking good…

  7. Looks great and loaded quickly!

  8. Wendy says:

    Works well. No problem.

  9. Pam says:

    Looks good from my neck of the woods!

  10. Looks good…….I checked a few links and all are working as they should.
    Gotta LOVE technology!

  11. Lindy Weber says:

    You have done all the stressing for us! The FB link just hauled me on over here! :?}

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