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Cruising YouTube for Quilting Videos


I love watching videos to learn new quilting techniques. Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company has a huge selection of awesome videos ranging from beginner to more advanced to using specific cuts of fabric. This is one of my favourite, showing a new (to me anyway) way to make half quarter square triangles… no more drawing the lines on the fabric.

Aimee Griffin’s Overall Quilter has 20+ videos more geared towards learning beginner techniques. There is a great 3-part series on paper piecing.

Sharon Schamber’s Network – I’ve featured a few of her binding videos before on this site. There are many other videos to help improve your quilting. More of Sharon’s videos are available directly on her web site. I’ve watched the Piped Binding one a few times over the past week. I’m eager to give it a try myself.

There are lots of great tips and project ideas on the AccuQuilt and Clover Needle Crafts Channels.

Colouricious videos have “instant inspirations” including interviews and demonstrations from artists and simple demonstrations of how to apply binding to a quilt.

Not exactly quilting-related, I love watching these Doodles come to life. Great inspiration for free motion quilting.

Do you have a favourite YouTube channel? Please share in the comments below.

Update: This was mentioned by a quilting friend on Facebook, and important enough to include. While many of the videos are great, and it’s wonderful to learn new techniques this way, I’ve seen some using very unsafe rotary cutting techniques. Never cross over yourself to make a cut, close your blade, etc.

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This post was published on November 24th, 2010. Post topics: Tips and Tricks, Videos, Web Finds.

5 Responses to “Cruising YouTube for Quilting Videos”

  1. Marjorie says:

    Alicia’s Attic has some good YouTube for some different techniques.

  2. Mishka says:

    Marjorie, thanks for the recommendation, I’ve not subscribed to that channel too. Here’s the link:


    Betsy, I can’t believe I forgot Leah’s .. I knew I was missing at least one from my list. Leah’s videos are great.

  3. I have always heard them referred to as Quarter Square Triangles / QSTs when made in that method. Also remember to get out your spray starch, because that’s a lot of bias edges you’ve got going on there. :)

  4. Mishka says:

    Thanks Kate, you are correct quarter square triangles.

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