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Author Meg Cox Seeks Heart Quilt for Book Cover

Meg Cox

Here is her message. For more information, e-mail her at meg@megcox.com.

My first book, “The Heart of a Family: Searching America for New Traditions That Fulfill Us,” was published in 1998 by Random House. It sold 15,000 copies in hardcover, is out of print, and never had a paperback edition. I’m planning to rectify that now, using a service called Back in Print available to members of the Authors Guild. As the author, I get to choose the cover art I want to use.

I’ve decided that a quilt with a heart or hearts on it, or a close-up of quilting in that shape, would be a perfect cover for the paperback edition of The Heart of a Family. I can only pay a modest amount and two free copies of the book, but my rights would only be for this book and the promotion of this book. All other rights would remain with the maker of the quilt, who might enjoy having her quilt used as cover art.

As a quilter (and author of The Quilter’s Catalog), I could make something myself, and it may come to that. But my quilts are pretty humble and I thought it would save time if I could find something already made: I’m not asking people to create something from scratch now, for my book.

Feel free to look up the hardcover of The Heart of a Family on Amazon.com: the cover illustration on the hardcover was by Danielle Mailer (daughter of Norman). I always loved that because it evoked emotion but was not sentimental. My book is a well-researched, nuanced look at contemporary family rituals.

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This post was published on May 11th, 2010. Post topics: Guest Bloggers.

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  1. Lindy Weber says:

    You can check out my watercolor heart. I love it enough to make it my avatar on everything!
    .-= Lindy Weber’s latest post: "Anticipation" =-.

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