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Finding Hand Embroidery Designs

embroidery designs

One of the challenges of learning how to embroider is knowing  where to find hand embroidery designs. If you are new to hand embroidery it is best to choose a design that is simple with only a few different stitches.

Sometimes hand embroidery designs can be discovered in the most unlikely places. The key is to be always on the look out. Most sewers tend to look in obvious places such as the local library. These can be wonderful places for finding books with hand embroidery designs in them. Most libraries offer magazines and these are also a good source.

Retail shops also offer some lovely embroidery books suited for beginners and the more advanced. They will be full of patterns and inspiration for you.

Local craft shops are another logical choice. However we shouldn’t limit ourselves to these places, inspiration for hand embroidery designs can be found all around us. We just need to look and keep our eyes open. I often find the inspiration for a new hand embroidery design in unusual places.

Kid’s coloring books are a good place to start. If you have children or grandchildren this won’t be too much of a problem, they always seem to have them strewn around their bedrooms. Alternatively you could buy some for your home reference library. They are also fabulous for finding applique patterns and the best news is that they are very inexpensive.

embroidery designs

If you have a passion for vintage hand embroidery designs, you should keep a look out for garage sales or auctions. I have often come across the most incredible hand embroidery designs amongst boxes of old sewing supplies.

Community school and Church fairs can also be a good place to look, they often have trash and treasure stalls.

Modern technology has also brought us the internet which means we have literally hundreds of hand embroidery designs right at our fingertips. Some embroidery designs can be downloaded for free, while others can be purchased quickly and easily online in an epattern format.

Ebay has also brought buyers and sellers closer together. It’s great to think we can recycle our hand embroidery patterns so that others can use them time and time again. The lesson is to always be on the look out. Inspiring hand embroidery designs can be found everywhere, I know there is one right now waiting for you to find it!

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