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Olympic Quilting with Daphne Greig

From Daphne Greig, Patchworks Studio, Victoria, BC

I’ve been watching the Olympics for the past week and a half. I knew they were coming, I knew I would want TV for the whole 17 days, I knew I would have to DO something while watching. I am very lucky to live in Canada, near the host city of Vancouver; we have 3 TV channels showing wall-to-wall coverage. My thumb is getting a workout on the remote control!

Olympic Rings

So, like a good little quilter, I planned, prepared and plotted. I would have hand work projects so I would have no guilt sitting around watching TV in the middle of the day! When I travel I find a hand work project to take with me. Should be no problem, right?

Well, the first project I planned was the redwork sampler to be made for the Quilt Cruise to Alaska I am doing in September. I will be teaching the class with Cathy Miller, the Singing Quilter and she will be working on her blocks on her upcoming tour of the United States and Canada. She will be singing and teaching in California, then across the southern states, up the East Coast, into Eastern Canada, back into the US and home at the end of June! Now that’s someone who has lots of hand work prepared.

I flitted back and forth to the computer to design my floral blocks, printed out the patterns, hunted for just the right white fabric in my stash and decided which colour of embroidery floss to use.

I began stitching just before the Games started, thinking it would take me at least a week to do the 3 blocks. Not so! I finished stitching by day 4. Here are the blocks, ready for sashing and borders. That will wait until after the Games.


PS – you can read about the Quilt Cruise here.

Since I needed another project to work on, I worked on the design for a new pattern. This is another in my Give & Take Appliqué series. I drew lots of trees in my sketchbook and found one I liked, made a quick trip to my local quilt shop to pick up some of their ‘on sale’ Christmas fabric and began tracing, fusing and cutting my test sample. It’s a good thing there are some ‘down times’ during the Olympics so I could sew the blocks and make the quilt top. Quilting will also wait until after the Games.


Next I decided that I would set up my laptop by my sewing machine and watch some of the coverage online. I am also working on a quilt for my new book. I have decided to add some of my machine decorative stitches to the quilt top. Not a lot of thought required for the first part – just stitching samples to see what the different stitches look like.

laptop and quilting

So I decided I would watch the Men’s Giant Slalom while I did my samples. I’m glad I gave it a try. I discovered I can’t watch TV and sew at the same time! It’s a very good thing I found this out before I moved my sewing machine to our family room where the TV is, or tried to move the TV to my sewing room.

So, it’s back to handwork for me. I think I’ll work on hand quilting a quilt I have had ‘on the go’ for far too long. My little bag with needles, threads, thimble, markers and scissors can sit right beside me. Who knows, I might get the quilt finished by the end of the Games!


Mishka’s note: Be sure to check out Daphne’s blog, she’s giving away a copy of latest issue Irish Quilting magazine.

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