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Meet Valerie Moss of Pastimes Online Ltd.

I’ve been quilting since 2003, when my Aunt-in-law, Karen took me to her Guild Potluck, I was so inspired and in aaaw that I signed up for every class and bought hundreds of dollars worth of the “must-haves”. I was married in 2001, and I thought once I got married, my DH would entertain me…I was in for a surprise :) So, I went and took a sewing class with an old Kenmore passed onto me from my Aunt. I LOVED it and then I took 2 or 3 more classes. It ended up that my sewing teacher was part of this aaaaw inspiring guild and I’ve been a member ever since.

I love to try new techniques and most of the harder ones like paper piecing, cotton theory, free motion quilting (which I still need to practice), I’ve learnt from books and magazines on my own late at night lol. I have, however, taken many classes and probably always will. I’ve taught a few classes and will be teaching more as I love to inspire and share quilting to all ages and levels of experience.

I’m originally from Jasper (area), Alberta, Canada (where my grandparents owned this resort). I grew up in the mountains and, as a kid, I definitely took it for granted but now as an adult I LOVE the mountains especially in the Winter and my roots. Some of my Aunts are sewers, stitchers (mostly) and my Mum has sewn since she was 10. So, I must I have the gene. I’ve always liked to be creative either by decorating something or knitting and now sewing and quilting.

I started blogging in 2007 but seriously blogging in 2009. Val’s Quilting is a true collection of my thoughts, quilting projects, UFO’s (don’t we all have a list), tutorials (some mine and some I’ve collected), friendships and more. I blog about Quilting in Alberta which is based around the two guilds I belong to and local events. I truly like this blogging world because you get to connect with like-minded people all over the world and they with you. I’m not sure I will ever go to Belgium never-mind if I did, have the time to find a quilter & become good friends with her while I’m there – blogging it’s fabulous! I’m very active on Facebook (personally and for my business fan page) and Twitter .

A tool I can’t live without is my Gingher Scissors and this is all thanks to Kim who introduced me to them years ago. These are by far the best scissors I’ve ever owned, they feel nice in the hand, they look great and the best thing about them is they stay sharp!

For 2010 I would like to finish my UFO’s, more e-interviews (if you want to be interviewed email me), more vid-casts and maybe start a podcast (I’ve had a few requests), spend more time with friends, design more, learn new techniques, save more memories by taking photos of everything, plan a few retreats (to come). I want to go to Houston this year maybe once if not twice (anyone want to join me?) and soak it all in.

I’ve always wanted to own a quilting store but the one I wanted to own wasn’t for sale sooo…this past fall I took the plunge and opened an online boutique style of shop, Pastimes Online Ltd. where I specialize in higher end quilting notions, projects, dupioni silks, block of the months , neat items like Quilters Tea (yum) etc.

Thank you for reading my entry as a Guest Blogger, now its your turn!! Thanks Michele for making this site so fantastic!

(All pictures taken by me, I love any type of flower and my cat, Tig)

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This post was published on January 20th, 2010. Post topics: Guest Bloggers.

2 Responses to “Meet Valerie Moss of Pastimes Online Ltd.”

  1. SheilaC says:

    Way to go, Val!!!


  2. Quilting Queen says:

    Hey Val. I enjoy reading your blog…it always amazes me how many women take up the past time and it turns into ..shall I say obsession. I have been quilting for 34 years and I still get the same thrill finishing my latest quilt as I did finishing the very first (and much maligned) quilt. Keep on keeping on.

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