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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Give-Away

It is Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada. To celebrate, I’ve gathered together some fabulous Canadian photos from family and friends to share with you. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Canada from coast to coast.

Thanksgiving Give-Away

Pink Panda Fabrics has offered to help me celebrate Thanksgiving by offering 2 half yard bundles of Denyse Schmidt’s Katie Jump Rope fabrics. Each winner will get 4 yards total (half yard of each of the following fabrics).


Pink Panda Fabrics is a Canadian-based online retailer of designer fabrics that are a little bit funky, sometimes cheeky, very cute and always modern. This is not your run of the mill fabric store!

You’ll find affordable fabrics by well known designers and manufacturers such as Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Heather Ross, Free Spirit, Lecien, Kokka, Echino by Etsuko Furuya and much, much more.

We are a family-run business and customer service is our #1 priority. We’re a very chatty bunch — so feel free to email us, join our Facebook Fan Page, our Flickr group, tweet with us on Twitter, read our blog or contact us. We’d love to connect with you!

To enter the contest:

Two winners will be selected to win a half yard bundle. To enter, leave a comment below answering, Besides the rotary cutter and mat, which quilting tool are you most “thankful” for? Contest closes: Tuesday, October 13 at 9:00am (eastern). Winners will be chosen randomly.

P.S. If you’re reading this on Facebook, please click through to the blog post to leave your comment.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention what my favourite tool is: the shape cutter ruler.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congrats to #27 Linda Smith
#146 Deborah on winning the gorgeous fabric bundles.

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149 Responses to “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Give-Away”

  1. Lovely fabrics! ooh the possibilities…. my favourite tool would have to be my offset, open toed, quilting foot. Gives me great visibility for doing those intricate quilting lines.
    .-= The Quilt Rat’s latest post: From Trash to Art……well sort of =-.

  2. Cindy says:

    I’m thankful for the 1/4 inch foot I bought a few months back. I don’t know how I lived all the years without it! Well, yeah, I guess I lived with inconsistent seams. lol

    Those are beautiful photos! I hope to one day visit Canada and see it for myself.

    Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!
    .-= Cindy’s latest post: Blogger’s Quilt Festival =-.

  3. Tammy Murphy says:

    ooooohhhh those are some pretty fabrics!
    I’d love to get my hands on those!!!!!

    My favourite tool besides the rotary cutter and mat is the long arm!!!!!
    There is nothing like a long arm to quilt your quilts!!!!!

    Tammy in Ontario

  4. Love the pics – would love to be in the draw for the beautiful fabric :))
    My favourite quilting tool is the lovely leather thimble I wear when hand quilting ! Stops those nasty little needles getting where they dont need to be !!!!!
    .-= Valerie aka Ausrose’s latest post: Birthday week!!!! =-.

  5. Mary Lynn Busch says:

    Oh Gosh, Besides the above mentioned, which is my favourite??? I have so many! :) But to pick one that I am so thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend, it would be the quarter inch foot attachment to my sewing machine… Not sure how I lived without it!!! happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Cheryl says:

    I just love the big clear rulers that are long and wide. I just think that is fabulous all the stuff that is come out from the days when you had to measure each piece and cut with a pair of scissors and take forever!!!!

  7. Ooooh a give away – love the fabric !
    My favourite tool would be a new (sharp) seam ripper…. closely followed by my hubby’s metal ruler ….

  8. Sara Boucher says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Like many others, my favourite tool would have to be my seam ripper.


  9. Mary Spriet says:

    Lots of favorite tools. But, I really love my BIG ironing board that I mounted on a kitchen cart w/wheels. And, I finally have a design wall. Love it!

  10. Lois says:

    My 1/4 ” foot for sure…as well as my fabulous machine that takes 3 stitches in the same place before starting!

  11. Tisha Cabral says:

    Lately my favorite quilting “tool” is my new longarm!

  12. Muriël says:

    My favorite ‘tool’ is the internet for all the patterns and the inspring community that can be found there!
    .-= Muriël’s latest post: My creative space 07 =-.

  13. meg99 says:

    Oh,I’d love to win Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics.
    My favorite tool is Photoshop to design quilts.
    And the tool I want to get next is various kinds of inch scale ruler.

  14. Darci says:

    The quilting tool that I am most thankful for is the darning foot. I LOVE it and could not live without it. I would love those fabrics especially since I do not have any of them.

  15. Diana Wilsey Geer says:

    Fav Tool: the walking foot!

  16. Veronica says:

    Love these fabrics!! My favourite tool is my grandma’s scissors I inherited time ago, they cut perfectly
    .-= Veronica’s latest post: Mecanismo de la máquina de coser =-.

  17. RoseMary says:

    The 1/4 sewing foot is my favorite tool.
    Thank You
    And the fabrics are wonderful.
    Happy quilting.

  18. Veronica says:

    Lovely beautiful fabrics!

    My favorite tool for quilting besides the sewing machine and rotary cutter are the rulers and mats… makes my life easier!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Quilting!

  19. Sara says:

    The fabric is cute. My favorite tool, well maybe not favorite, but most used is the seam ripper because I mess up a lot. :)

  20. Andrea Lucia says:

    I’m most thankful is the ever sturdy thimble! I can’t quilt without it.

  21. Cheri says:

    I love my iron–couldn’t live without it!

  22. Gwen H says:

    My favorite tool for quilting would be the 1/4″ foot as I didn’t have one when I first started quilting and my blocks didn’t not line up at all … 7 years later, it is still a UFO.
    Love the fabrics, and I am going to check out the website right away, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  23. Barbara Shaffer says:

    My favorite tool would have to be my sewing machine!

  24. Tracy says:

    I have a few favorites. My quarter inch foot because without that I didn’t have very good seams. My sewing machine because each time I use it, it reminds me of my grandma. And last of all my sewing cabinet because my husband made it for me!

  25. My fave tool is my cutting mat!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Love the site!!
    .-= Debbie Gemmell’s latest post: I have to bring dessert! =-.

  26. Sue A says:

    Boy, I’d love those fabrics! My favorite tool tool? Boy, probably my softgrip gloves and my rulers…can’t live without any of them!
    .-= Sue A’s latest post: Roche Harbor =-.

  27. Donna Mitchell says:

    Love the fabric, especially the stripe! So new!!! My favorite quilting tool is the 1/4 inch pressor foot! I will not sew on a quilt without it!

    Thanks for a great web site!

  28. Emily H. says:

    I’d have to say my sewing machine, hee hee. That’s a pretty big tool. I’d have to say my favorite tool sized tool would be my new yo-yo makers! so much easier to use that trying to guess the size of the circle I want to make!
    .-= Emily H.’s latest post: Water Your Wishes =-.

  29. brooke says:

    My favorite quilting tool is my husband! He also quilts but he’s the one who helps me with the pressing of those annoyingly long strips and crawls around on the floor pinning the quilt sandwich together for me. He’s also willing to sit on the other side of my table and help guide the fabric so that it doesn’t escape from under the needle when it’s so heavy. He’ll also let me raid his fabric stash! I just love him to pieces.

  30. Margaret says:

    Love these fabrics – I will be forwarding the website information to all our guild members. My most favourite other quilting tool is my iron. You don’t realize how much you use it until it dies on you.

  31. Denise says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! As a newbie quilter I don’t have very many tools or gadgets. However, I recently bought an “Add a Quarter” ruler to help with paper piecing and I quite like it. I would love to add those beautiful fabrics to my minimal but growing slowly stash!

  32. Kathy says:

    The fabrics are lovely and so are the photos. Thanks.

    It is hard to pick one favorite tool. My sewing machine as I wouldn’t quilt much if I had to piece by hand.

  33. Linda says:

    Have mile long list of things to be thankful for …

    My next favorite tool – newly discovered – keeps my fingers safe, guides the seams and flips the seam allowances when they aren’t behaving.
    .-= Linda’s latest post: Binding quilts =-.

  34. Charlie says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I’m always up for seeing the lay-of-the-land, it’s my favorite thing to do when traveling. Love the back roads.

    As for the “Funky” fabric, I say funky is great. I have learned one thing over the past two years and it’s that “stretching” ones taste in fabric is a very good thing. I am having so much fun doing just that, and Pink Panda fabrics look like they would be a terrific addition to my stash.

    I’m most thankful for a good iron. I JUST lost my Rowenta iron and I’m lost without it. :{ I need to get another ASAP. Secondly, I’m thankful for a good small scissors by my sewing machine and large scissors by my ironing board.

    I’m having a blast looking around your site. Thanks for this chance to win.

  35. Darlee Byron says:

    My favorite tool is my rotary cutter as I use it for anything that needs straight cuts.
    .-= Darlee Byron’s latest post: Candy For Me? =-.

  36. Sunny Hemphill says:

    My favorite quilting tools are my Bias Square rulers (I have both the 6″ and the 12″) and my Janome 6600 Sewing Machine. And of course all my scissors and incredible thread and ….. LOL. I love all the wonderful equipment and tools that we modern quilters have available to us.

    Your site is wonderful. I’m now involved in several of the swaps and I love it.


  37. Lil says:

    great give-away and pics

    my favourite tools are the different acrylic templates, applique glue and a thumb thimble for all direction quilting

  38. roberta says:

    My favourite would be my very simple 4 inch square. I have only had it for a year or so, but have it constantly on hand for cutting small pieces easily.

  39. Ruth Ann says:

    Like Margaret, I like my iron. You get better results with “pressing” , not finger pressing. Love the pink panda fabrics and they are from Canadian company too!

  40. Karen says:

    besides the items you mention I am most thankful for my 3 roller quilting frame and my hand held thimble that looks like a paddle.

  41. Laura says:

    I have a draw for my favourite quilting tools…! First, my bent safety pins – love them sooo much! Second, my pigma micron pens for labelling the quilt!

  42. SewLindaAnn says:

    I know I’m too late for the drawing, but I wanted to put in my fave tool to work with. The Lickity Grip. When I’m handling tons of little fabric pieces just a bit on my fingers goes a long way to help keep my fingers moist but not sticky. Fab Stuff.

  43. Liz B says:

    I love square rulers for squaring up my blocks. It is SO much easier to square up a block this way than using my regular ruler and the grid on the cutting mat. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  44. Charis Cranford says:

    I love the fabric, it’s gorgeous… I guess I’d have to say I’m most thankful for the big acrylic rulers, have used them for cutting fleece for years and now am learning the joys of lining up and cutting accurately with my quilting fabrics. I definitely appreciate them.

  45. Maggi says:

    What beautiful pictures and the fabric is gorgeous too. My favourite quilting tool is my sewing machine. Are those of us overseas eligible for the draw?
    .-= Maggi’s latest post: In between the studies =-.

  46. Deborah says:

    I don’t think I can live without any of my tools! I think my favorite would be my 1/4 inch foot but if that’s not considered a tool then it would be my rulers. I enjoyed reading everyones comments and plan to check out some of the tools other quilters mentioned!
    .-= Deborah’s latest post: My Pride and Joy =-.

  47. Andrea says:

    Love Pink Panda fabrics, my favourite online fabric store.
    Hope I can just squeeze my entry in here before you close the competition. My fave tool is my walking foot, but I think if I had a 1/4inch foot that might become my new fave!
    .-= Andrea’s latest post: Rainy Days and (Fridays) always get me down =-.

  48. Marion BE says:

    I can’t imagine being without a pair of little nipper scissors!
    .-= Marion BE’s latest post: Beautiful Harris Tweed 1 =-.

  49. Susie Taylor says:

    Nice fabrics. My favorite tool is my ruler. I would be lost without it. And my mat and rotary cutter, oh and scissors…:) Thanks for posting the great pics.

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