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The Virtual Quilting Bee: How quilters connect online

Quilter’s Connection Magazine

Back in August, I told you about Canada’s new quilting magazine: Quilter’s Connection Magazine and that I had written my first-ever article for publication in it.

The magazine arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, it’s fabulous. The paper quality is the best of any magazine I’ve seen, the layout is superb, great images, plenty of white space to read comfortably, gorgeous colour on every page.

Heather, the editor, asked me for feedback, and I couldn’t think of one thing negative to say or offer any suggestions for improvements. Anyone who knows me well enough will know how rare that is. haha!

There are three gorgeous patterns, one featured on the cover Partridge in a Pear Tree, a gorgeous, very detailed stitchery, Tree Trimming Party, and a beautiful table runner, Art Deco Delight. All the pattern pieces are included in the magazine, you just need to enlarge them as indicated to use full size.

You’ll also find feature write-ups for Caring Hearts and Many Hands, Quilts of Valour, Confessions of an Incurable Quilter by Pippa Moore, Trisha Sherman’s A Shop Near You, CQA/AAC Corner, listing of quilt shows across Canada, reviews, show & tell, recipes and more. Everything a quilter would want in a magazine.

I highly recommend it. I’ll be purchasing my subscription this weekend. Visit their web site for more information, a list of Canadian shops carrying the magazine and an up-to-date list of events across Canada: Quilter’s Connection Magazine.

My Article


It was very exciting for me to see my first-ever article published. In it I discuss blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other ways quilters are connecting with one another. You’ll find a list of some Canadian blog designers, blogging software recommendations and some tips on successful blogging as well as tips for using both Facebook and Twitter.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s a small PDF file and shouldn’t take too long to open.

I’d love to hear your feedback on both the magazine, if you’ve seen it, and on my article.

Is Social Media a Fad? You Decide…

I found this video recently entitled the Social Media Revolution. It contains some incredible statistics. Blew my mind, and I work on this crazy thing called the Internet every single day.

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This post was published on September 30th, 2009. Post topics: My Quilting Journey, Videos.

11 Responses to “The Virtual Quilting Bee: How quilters connect online”

  1. Darlee Byron says:

    Wow, we certainly have come a long way. It was about 21 years ago when I began using a computer for work and it was very basic stuff. I am thrilled at the advancement in technology and use my computer every day. I don’t even use my sewing machine that often. Thanks for sharing your article Michele, as I haven’t had the opportunity to read the magazine yet.
    .-= Darlee Byron’s latest post: More Blogging =-.

  2. Congratulations Michele, on being published. Read your article and found it very interesting. Your tips on blogging were great. I use my computer almost every day and keep up with quite a few blogs. I also have my own blog. I think I need to do more work on it.
    .-= Colleen Bartell’s latest post: Week 7 of Stitchers Angel =-.

  3. Wonderful article………well done and congratulations.
    I think you do an amazing job with the Quilting Gallery…it really is a great place for inspiration, information and virtual friendships.
    I personally do not twitter and am not on Facebook but almost a year ago began a quilt blog. I have found it to be a greatly rewarding experience in so many ways. Mostly thanks to all of the other virtual quilters who are always so ready to offer advice and encouragement…….your article is spot on and contains some very good advice for those thinking of starting their own blogs….great job Thanks!

  4. upstatelisa says:

    Yay Michele! great article! Will have to check out the magazine when I come north!
    .-= upstatelisa’s latest post: Staying out of trouble! =-.

  5. Aunt Judy says:

    Great article Michele. You make me proud as always.

  6. Mishka says:

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I’m glad the tips have been helpful.

    Lisa, Dragonfly has it already, Alta Vista and Bank and The Running Stitch should have it soon too, Kanata.

  7. linda brown says:


  8. Mishka says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you very much for your comments. I’m pleased you found the article helpful.

    Have a great week,

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