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Friday Give-Away – Bobbin Wraps

Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

Congratulations to last week’s winner #45 Laura West Kong. She won the Inchie Quilts book and ruler/tool set donated by Nadine Ruggles. Thanks Nadine for the fabulous give-away.

This week’s Friday give-away is a new product called "Bobbin Wraps" brought to you by LoveBug Studios. What a fabulous idea; I know I’m forever annoyed by tangled bobbin threads.


LoveBug Studios is run by Ebony Love, and features handmade items inspired by quilts and quilting techniques. She offers products such as handbags, cards, jewelry, home décor, and yes – quilts! She sells custom quilts through her web site and all other items through her Etsy and Artfire shops. She is also a staff writer for HandmadeNews.org.

Ebony also has a blog and she wrote a fabulous tutorial on this site earlier this year on Incorporating Silk Flowers into Your Quilts.

She was inspired to make bobbin wraps after tiring of chasing bobbins around her studio and keeping them wound and neat in her sewing box. This simple solution keeps the threads from unwinding while allowing you to still see the color of the thread. They come in two sizes – for Class 15 and Class L bobbins.

Winners of this giveaway will get to choose which size bobbin wraps they would like to receive. Even if you are not a winner, you can purchase bobbin wraps from her destash shop: StashedCache or make your own following this tutorial


If you aren’t sure what size bobbins you have, you can measure them to find out.

Class L: these are 3/4″ wide x 5/16″ tall
Class 15: these are 3/4″ wide x 3/8″ tall
Class M: these are 1″ wide – not sure how tall, but because of the width you can’t mix them up with the other two (and these are high-volume, usually only for embroidery or professional long arm machines)

Class L & Class 15 bobbins are usually not interchangeable; Ebony’s Viking cares about only having Viking L class bobbins.

To enter the give-away, please leave a comment below. The contest closes October 1, 2009. Four lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win two packages of Bobbin Wraps each.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congrats to the four lucky winners: #51 Charis Cranford, #10 Wendy, #27 Darlee Byron, and #16 Jeanne McBrayer.

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57 Responses to “Friday Give-Away – Bobbin Wraps”

  1. Charis Cranford says:

    These would be so incredibly helpful, I always have ends of threads going everywhere. I’d love to have them. Thanks!

  2. great idea I would love to try them out.
    Hope you have a great day. :o]
    .-= Regena Brennan’s latest post: Connecting Threads Project #11 =-.

  3. Sunny Hemphill says:

    What a great idea, I seem to constantly be clipping stray ends off my bobbins. I have three SM’s, all take different size bobbins so I have zillions of them in all colors and textures floating around. I would love to try a product intended to tame the beast.


  4. Marta says:

    Que gran idea, gracias por inscribirme en el sorteo.
    .-= Marta’s latest post: PROYECTO SOLIDARIO : FINALIZADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =-.

  5. Debi R says:

    Bobbin wraps are a great idea. Thanks for the contest!
    .-= Debi R’s latest post: =-.

  6. Guilitta says:

    Great Idear!

    Greeting Guilitta
    .-= Guilitta’s latest post: Botanischer Garten Augsburg Teil 3 =-.

  7. […] Charis Cranford, #10 Wendy, #27 Darlee Byron, and #16 Jeanne McBrayer. They each won two packs of bobbin wrappers donated by LoveBug […]

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