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Mark Lipinski Quits

Just heard on Facebook … Mark Lipinski quits New Track Media and is no longer connected with Quilter’s Home magazine. He is also discontinuing any involvement with Quilt Out Loud, QNNtv.com, and Quilter’s Club of America.

Huge news for the quilting world … I wonder what will happen next.

Read Mark’s blog for more info, or follow him on Facebook.

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This post was published on September 24th, 2009. Post topics: Other Stuff.

2 Responses to “Mark Lipinski Quits”

  1. janet gordon says:

    Quilting magazines are full of the same old same old, industry and profit-driven projects – do it quick and then do another. This sort of mindless fast, fast ethos cuts us off from the creative process that quiltmaking can be, and has ceased to be relevant as far as I’m concerned.

  2. quiltingprincess8 says:

    Mark is back!!! he has a new magazine that is fabulous!! Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends – so many amazing projects and all the fabric is just coming out in stores so no more sold out fabric!! and also on an internet radio show Creative Mojo on toginetradio!

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