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Mom’s Birthday Gifts

It was my mom’s birthday earlier this week. I sent her this beaded Friendship Bag:



I also made her a tote bag from a Moda Bake Shop Tutorial:


Close up of the stitching:


Free-motion stitching on the back:


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8 Responses to “Mom’s Birthday Gifts”

  1. Dale Anne says:

    GREAT JOB on the quilting and the bags completed!!!
    .-= Dale Anne’s latest post: Good quality… =-.

  2. Sandie Hrycyk says:

    My favourite is the purple and brown bag, must be the colours. Well done. Did you do the beading on the first bag before it was all sewn together?

  3. Mishka says:

    Thanks Dale Anne.

    Thanks Sandie. Yes, I did 95% of the bead work when it was flat, after I did the machine quilting. I figured out what would be my sewing lines to form the bag bottom and marked the areas. I left a 3/8″ margin where needed so that I wouldn’t sew over beads when I was putting it together.

    I was careful though to make sure when I was feeding it through the machine that none of the beads had shifted into the sewing area. I had to push a few beads out of the way to do the final top stitching as I didn’t think to leave a bit extra at the top for turn over width and such. It worked out fine.

  4. Mom says:

    Michele forgot to post that I love the bags, and have been using the big one since it arrived.

    My favourite colours are all incoporated into the bags, and just fantastic for fall.

    The smaller bag I will keep for special occassions.

    Wonderful presents, I am a lucky Mom!

  5. Jackie R. in NC says:

    The bags are beautiful! I’m positive your Mom felt completely loved! Awesome :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like the designs. Very creative . Very nice for birthday gifts . :D

  7. Very nice ideas for a moms birthday gifts. I like the color combination of the tote bag. Your mom’s very lucky to have that bags.

  8. Karen says:

    they are beautiful and who wouldn’t love receiving a gift like that

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