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Friday Give-Away – Quilters Dream Cotton Batting

Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

Congratulations to last week’s winner #87 Anita Westerveld. She won the Double Wedding Ring Tool donated by the Simplicity Creative Group.

This week’s Friday Give-Away is Quilters Dream Cotton Batting in queen size (108″ x 93″) donated by Seaside Quilting Supplies in Virginia.

In their own words…

We have been in business at for nearly 5 years! Our little shop (online only) consists of 4 “employees”: Barb (that’s me – founder and owner), Jon (husband of me & operations director – that means he fixes things and takes out the trash), my best friend Marci – who lovingly cuts and packages each and every order with all of our signature special touches, and Katie, my grown daughter, who has recently gifted me with the BEST present ever – a beautiful little girl named Lily, who we all adore!! She helps us too now – even at 7 weeks old she knows good fabric!

Our first goal is complete customer satisfaction. Our feedback on any of the sites where we do business attests to our dedication to that goal! We specialize in creating custom quilt kits (just pick a color family and maybe a pattern and we will stack up a gorgeous pile with scale, and tone, and contrast – send you the photos and keep at it until its perfect!).

We carry the Amazing Starr Design Quilt kits at THE best price on the web. We sell only Quilters Dream Battings (because we love them), and we have for the foreseeable future, BUY 4 yds, get 1 FREE or FREE US shipping on orders over $50.00. For our international customers, choose the extra FREE yard or we’ll take 10% off your shipping costs.

Visit their web site: Seaside Quilting Supplies; and they have a blog too.

Quilters Dream Cotton starts with the finest USA cotton and is carded, crosslapped and specially needlepunched. The batting is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. It can be stitched up to 8″ apart allowing wonderful freedom of design. Needles (by machine and hand) glide smoothly through the fine, consistent, even webbing. The finished quilt may be machine washed and dried. Shrinkage is minimal.


I bought some of this batting recently, and can’t wait to try it. I had been looking for something that I could hand quilt, and this is what was recommended. Have you tried it?

To enter the give-away, please leave a comment below. The contest closes September 3, 2009.

UPDATE: Congratulations to #146 Erin. She won the Quilters Dream Cotton Batting donated by Seaside Quilting Supplies. This contest is now closed.

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148 Responses to “Friday Give-Away – Quilters Dream Cotton Batting”

  1. Laura Greig says:

    Ohhh, Quilters Dream…perfectly named, it is a DREAM. Good luck all!

  2. Aida says:

    I’ve never used this batting before, but would love to try it. Thanks.

  3. fiberdoodles says:

    I just love this batting! I use a longarm and it is wonderful. It is hard to find in my area and would love to win ;)

    .-= fiberdoodles’s latest post: A Feathered Party =-.

  4. wendiq says:

    I’ve never used it, but would sure like to give it a try. I’ve heard only good things about it….

  5. oh I would really love to try this… thanks for the great giveaway!!
    .-= La mamma curiosa’s latest post: OMG! What a giveaway… =-.

  6. meg99 says:

    Many quilters recommend the batting,
    but I could not purchase at shops in Japan.
    I’d like to try it.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Edna says:

    This would be super to win as I am just trying to learn to hand quilt. Perhaps a different quilt batt would make the difference for me as I am having ALL kinds of trouble. Please enter me!
    .-= Edna’s latest post: Learning to Hand Quilt Woes =-.

  8. This is one of my favorite battings. Thanks for the chance to win.
    .-= Joyce Levengood’s latest post: Quilty Picture =-.

  9. Mary Flynn says:

    Please count me in on this one!

  10. Giovanna says:

    Totally love it!!!
    .-= Giovanna’s latest post: All better now =-.

  11. Patricia T. says:

    How exciting!!
    I have heard from quilting friends how wonderful Quilter’s Dream Cotton batting is… and want to use it with my next quilt!
    (Hopefully now!… perfect timing!)

  12. Gwen H says:

    I have not had the opportunity to try Dream Cotton Batting… would sure love to win this so I can give it a try! :)

  13. Mariana says:

    I never try it but i could think on a perfect quilting project to give it some use!
    .-= Mariana’s latest post: Requiem =-.

  14. Renee says:

    I have never tried your batting but would love to give it a go.

  15. Lee says:

    Oh boy I would love to win this give away. I have a few projects almost complete andd they will need this lovely batting. thanks for the chance

  16. Charlotte Rockne says:

    Just ask my quilting friends — I’ve touted Quilters Dream since I started using it several years ago. It hand quilts like a dream and provides a great drape on beds or cozy feel around a baby. The machine quilt batt is great too.

  17. This is my absolute favorite batting. I love how my quilts feel when quilted with Quilters Dream. Would love to have this give-away for the top that I just completed. Thanks so very much!

  18. Bonita says:

    Love Quilters Dream batting!! It is soooo soft and great to hand quilt.

  19. Betty Beaumont says:

    I have used this batting just once before & loved it. Our local quilt shops don’t regularly carry it so I am pleased to be included in your draw. Thanks.

  20. Molly Culley says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I’m off to check out the shop too. :)
    .-= Molly Culley’s latest post: LOOK! =-.

  21. Leslie says:

    I would love to win this batting! I love Quilters Dream, winning this would be a real treat! I have a quilt top all ready to go—just need some batting……..:-) I’ll definitely check out the shop and do some shopping!
    .-= Leslie’s latest post: New Years resolutions =-.

  22. Sabrina says:

    Hi, I have never tried this batting Quilter’s Dream. I would love the chance to win it and try it. Who knows, maybe I will be the lucky winner. I have heard so many positive things about it. I have always used whatever was the most cost effective batting on the simple quilts I’ve made, but for a special one I would go for the more quality made battings. Thank you for your donation of the Quilter’s Dream batting for this drawing.

  23. SherryR says:

    I use 100% cotton batting but have never tried this one. Thanks for an opportunity to win it!
    .-= SherryR’s latest post: Early Fall =-.

  24. Sharon Vrooman says:

    I don’t blog or have a web site – miss all those give-a-ways. Batting would be wonderful and anything I receive free always goes into a charity quilt – I believe in paying it forward.

  25. Never used this batting but I would be very happy to give it a try…:)
    Thanks for the giveaway
    .-= Celine Combet’s latest post: some progress! =-.

  26. Kelly Smith says:

    I love Quilter’s Dream, but haven’t used the 100% cotton before. I’d love to give it a try!

    Kelly Smith
    National Quilting Examiner

  27. It would be lovely to try this batting – thank you for the giveaway opportunity, cheers Jennifer from Australia
    .-= Jennifer Csorba’s latest post: Wonderful idea =-.

  28. Dora says:

    I recently finished two quilts using Quilter’s Dream Request batting. I like this batting even better than Mountain Mist Rose, which has been my favorite for quite a while!

  29. Tammy says:

    I would love to try this batting – sounds fascinating!
    .-= Tammy’s latest post: It’s been a while… =-.

  30. Mystica says:

    I dont know whether this is open for international visitors but hope so. Havent tried this out at all as we dont have names for batting. It just goes as batting!!!

    Please count me in.


  31. Shelley B. says:

    Love, love, love Cotton Dream batting, and would be a very lucky quilter to win this Friday giveaway.

  32. Please sign me up. I would like to try a different batting. always good to keep your options open.
    .-= Regena Brennan’s latest post: Name Change =-.

  33. Trina says:

    I’m in! What a lovely giveaway – I would love to try something new!
    .-= Trina’s latest post: V and Co. Giveaway! =-.

  34. Deb C. says:

    i would love to win this. I really love quilter’s dream batting but haven’t used the all cotton yet.

  35. Rachel Pantos says:

    It would be great to win batting! Can always use a roll of it. Thanks for the contest.
    .-= Rachel Pantos’s latest post: Sunflower =-.

  36. Rachelle says:

    I’d love to win and use this for my 9 patch quilt in progress!
    .-= Rachelle’s latest post: Book Review for Organize As You Go by Marie Ricks =-.

  37. Doti says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love this batting. Doti
    .-= Doti’s latest post: Vintage 1960s 9381 McCalls Pattern, Misses Dress in three versions Size 12 Uncut =-.

  38. Paula says:

    A quilter can always use more batting! And I’ve heard good things about Quilters’ Dream … Thank you for the giveaway.

  39. Mac Kay says:

    Oh boy! Quilters’ Dream. I’ve seen this product online, but haven’t yet tried it. I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. christy says:

    This would be awesome to win. I’ve never tried it before.
    .-= christy’s latest post: A new look =-.

  41. Tracy Ward says:

    I sure can use some free batting. I have a quilt already for it:-) Please let me win…keeping my fingers crossed.

  42. I would love to try this batting on my long-arm machine!
    .-= Mari Lyn Jarzyna’s latest post: Welcome to Bytowne Threads, a Canadian distributor of Aurifil thread! =-.

  43. Dottie Boyce says:

    I’ve not yet tried this product but can’t wait to give it a shot. I make all bed sized quilts and love soft batting to make the quit smooth with out puckering. thanks.

  44. 2ne says:

    I usuallu use nature batting, not sure if this is something like?
    .-= 2ne’s latest post: D Y R ….. =-.

  45. Tammy Murphy says:

    I’ve never tried it, but would love to!
    I haven’t seen it sold around here though. :(

  46. Erin says:

    I love Quilter’s Dream batting & really would love to win this!
    .-= Erin’s latest post: Miles of binding =-.

  47. Lorraine W. says:

    I have a top that is just waiting for this piece of batting. I will definitely give it a good home quickly!! ;-)

  48. Trudi says:

    Ooh, yes please! Hope I’m still in time!
    .-= Trudi ’s latest post: Pay It Forward (PIF) =-.

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