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Easy, Breezy Tote Bag Pattern


Who couldn’t use more tote bags?

Most of the grocery stores here in Ottawa now charge 5 cents per plastic bag. Ouch! Oh well, it’s better for the environment to use fabric bags. The fact that I’m getting close to having to buy bags to dispose of kitty litter is not lost on me.

Anyway, here’s a super cute free pattern from the All People Quilt site, Easy, Breezy Tote.

Be sure to grab their PDF version for your files too, as free patterns seem to disappear.

Finished size is 13-3/4x12x4″. Would make a great diaper bag too.

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2 Responses to “Easy, Breezy Tote Bag Pattern”

  1. Barbara says:

    We aren’t yet getting charged for bags, but I have drastically reduced the number of plastic bags I get (through making fabric ones- can’t wait to try the pattern!).
    This has meant some adaptations for our cat litter box too. I thought I would share a couple of our ideas. I have started using the veggie bags from the grocery store, they are thinner but will work, if you are careful. Also, we have been trying a costlier, but friendlier cat litter. Its not made from the usual gravel, and can therefore be flushed. This cuts down on the number of bags we need. Also, our pet stores have started carrying bio-degradable dog scoop bags, if we get to the point of having to buy, at least we will be “good” about it.
    Just thought I would share.
    .-= Barbara’s latest post: Wow, a week already =-.

  2. Mishka says:

    Great ideas, thanks Barbara. Will look for the flushable litter the next time I’m at the pet store. And will start saving the veggie bags too.

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