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Friday Give-Away – Subscription to Quilter’s Connection Magazine

Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

Congratulations to #81 Regena Brennan who won the Quilting Designs: The Quiltmaker Collection Vol. 6 CD donated by The Electric Quilt Company in last week’s give-away.

While I don’t normally allow any restrictions on give-aways, I hope you’ll understand for this one. This week’s Friday Give-Away is a one-year subscription to Canada’s very own, soon-to-be-released, quilting magazine, Quilter’s Connection Magazine. See below for further details on how you can enter. The contest is open to Canadian residents only.

Aside from being super-excited that Canada’s getting it’s own quilting magazine (yes, I realize CQA has one for members only), I’ve written my first-ever article for it entitled, The Virtual Quilting Bee: How quilters connect online.

While I’ve written and edited content for many, many years, this will be my first time actually published. My younger sister is a journalist by trade, and I never really understood the excitement of seeing one’s name in print. Now I do. You can bet I’ll be downstairs waiting to get the mail early every morning once it hits the post. I suppose I should warn my postman so he doesn’t think I’ve taken to stalking him.

The Give-Away


Quilter’s Connection Magazine is Canada’s new quilting magazine. Published quarterly, Quilter’s Connection provides quilters with a connection to the rest of the quilting community across Canada. A magazine dedicated to those in the quilting community, written for quilters, by quilters, it is the source for all things related to quilting in Canada.

The magazine entertains Canadian quilters with news and reviews, projects, heartwarming and motivational stories about quilters and their achievements, quilting tips, and techniques – content to inspire the quilter in everyone.

The web site is still being developed; however, you can order subscriptions directly online. There’s still time to order and receive the inaugural edition. There’s also a blog for the magazine.

For the Quilting Gallery’s Friday Give-Away, Quilter’s Connection Magazine is giving away a one-year subscription to one lucky reader! You will receive four issues of the magazine, full of great projects and information for quilters, beginning with our inaugural issue that comes out in September, 2009.

To enter the contest to win a free subscription, leave a comment below telling us what sort of things you’d love to see in the new magazine. Please also include your city and province or territory. Now’s a great opportunity to have your say in the future direction of this magazine.

But wait, there’s more… three lucky winners who subscribe to the Quilter’s Connection email newsletter between August 7th to August 14th, will receive a free copy of the first issue. Be sure to click this newsletter link, which will automatically open a new email for you to send to subscribe. (Keep the Quilting Gallery in the subject line to be eligible.)

The contest is open to Canadian residents only; however, American and international subscriptions are available. Thank you to my international friends; regular Friday Give-Aways open to all site visitors will resume next week.

UPDATE: Please include your city and province/territory to be eligible. Thanks!

UPDATE #2: Laurraine of Patchwork Pottery is also offerring a one year subscription give-away. She’s the designer for the pattern featured on the cover and also the Creative Director for the magazine. Head over to Laurraine’s site to enter. (Well, after you enter here of course.)

Update #3: The winners have been chosen, congratulations to all.

Winners of 1 free copy:

  1. Barb Prozyk of Winnipeg, MB
  2. Suzy Schettler of Belleville, ON
  3. Karen Neary of Amhurst, NS

The winner of 1 year free subscription: #63 Denise Cheke of Saskatoon, SK

Even though the winners have been announced, I’ve decided to leave comments open on this post. The feedback is fabulous and will help Heather in deciding what should appear in the new magazine.

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125 Responses to “Friday Give-Away – Subscription to Quilter’s Connection Magazine”

  1. I would LOVE to see information on quilt shops across the country. I would also like to see features on different quilters from across the country (not necessarily professionals).
    .-= Mari Lyn Jarzyna’s latest post: Welcome to Bytowne Threads, a Canadian distributor of Aurifil thread! =-.

    (Ottawa, ON)

  2. Judy says:

    I’m wishing you every success! I’d love to see some content on thread painting, creativity, applique, I could go on and on, lol. Hope there is someplace on the East Coast of Canada to buy copies of your magazine. I will take the info to my Guild.

  3. Judy says:

    Almost forgot. I’m from Sussex, N. B.

  4. Angela Bartlett says:

    I am very excited! I love to see patterns for classics with an updated twist. And appliques and stitcheries are my new passion!
    Barrie, ON

  5. Marg Kneebone says:

    Think of the needlework mag long since gone called CrossStitch and Country Crafts (Such meaty content that I still have a full collection). If you could do the same type of thing for Canadian Quilters, we would be well served.

    Another thing that would take a little work is to get at the heart of Canadian regional quilting. That would mean tackling the bilingual issues to find and document, amongst other things, the Gaspe Acadian ladies who still make a living making and selling “New Brunswick blankets”. Some of these regional groups may not think of themselves as having a unique design presence…but they do.

    What about suppliers…(Hi to the lady from Bytowne Threads) and quilting groups that are not quite guilds.

    Whitby, Ontario

  6. JaCKIE W says:

    forgot to say i was from Manitoulin Island ON

    and would love to see fast unique little projects and art quilts.

  7. Jackie White says:

    I am from Manitoulin Island ON

    and would love to see fast unique little projects and art quilts.

  8. Connie Deblette says:

    Mmmmmm… Canadian content, Eh?
    I think it would be Excellent to have a C. designer featured each month; And over time, to be able to read and view pics of quilts made/representing all the Many ethnic peoples that make up our great country! and of course, the prized feature pattern as well (smiles)
    and if I do not win… I shall look forward to purchasing!
    ~Connie, Kapuskasing, N.Ontario

  9. Barbara says:

    Looking forward to the new Candian Quilt book

    Live in Southern Ontario

    patterns for classics with an updated twist paper piecing

  10. Can’t wait to see the new Canadian Quilt book

    I like paper piecing patterns and classics with an updated twist I live in Southern Onterio


  11. Lynn says:

    Finally – a canadian magazine. Hopefully links to Canadian Suppliers. Lots of tips / tricks and lovely patterns.

    I live in Southern Ontario

  12. Lou says:

    Hooray!! A magazine just for us! I am waiting for news about Canadian shows, contests, designers, shops, classes and undiscovered talent.

  13. Janis says:

    Hi, I am from Chilliwack, B.C. and I am very happy that we are finally getting a Canadian quilting magazine.
    I would like to see some articles on landscaping quilts and wall hangings, not just photographs, but “how-tos”, etc, featuring Canadian quilt artists.

  14. Liz Dempsey says:

    Hi: I’m from Prince Edward Island. I’m looking forward to the new cdn quilting mag. Would love to see information on cdn designers, suppliers, guilds and shows. I enjoy doing the classic patterns with bold colours or batics.

  15. Maxine Turner says:

    I am so looking forward to receiving the new magazine. I have my form all ready to send, in am. Heard there was a new magazine coming through the Quilts of Valour in Eastern division.(I am a proud quilter for them)And we so need something Canadian. I will be telling my local QG about it at our Sept meeting ,so they can suscribe for our guild members.Apparently there is to be an article about us -QOV(thanks to persistant Debbie Gray ) in the issue. Maxine Turner, Pasadena,NL

  16. Virginia Przysiezny says:

    Quilting is an old craft and therefore I would love to see historical articles on quilting. I saw an old prize winning quilt on a recent visit to the ROM and an article built around this quilt would be inspiring.

  17. Love this exchange of interesting comments.

    Here is my suggestions for upcoming issues.
    1. I’d like to see more promotion of recycling reuse of good quality used cotton clothing into quilts. I know that many are reusing clothing patches into new creations and this is something to celebrate. I feel that we as quilters need to remember that with all the new fabric we buy, we should reuse as much as we can into new quilts.

    Lets have a contest of quilts made from recycled clothing?
    .-= Caroline Heinrichs’s latest post: Needlework Diva’s To the Rescue =-.

  18. […] in August, I told you about Canada’s new quilting magazine: Quilter’s Connection Magazine and that I had written my first-ever article for publication in […]

  19. Carol Erickson says:

    I too am looking forward to a Canadian quilting magazine! My hope is that the magazine will include some contemporary quilt patterns. I enjoy articles about quilt history, and love to see instructions for new techniques.

  20. Rose Gindl says:

    Are you accepting submissions for quilts to be featured on your front cover?

  21. Carol D Loewen says:

    I would like to submit a story, wc 721, about how I learned to quilt. Would you consider pirnting it and how do I go about making a submission.
    Although I learned to quilt and enjoyed stitching as a child I am not a quilter now. Rather I quilt words into stories. I was born in Ontario, grew up in Manitoba and reside in Abbotsford, B.C. Thank you for your consideration, Carol

  22. Pauline White says:

    I just started quilting and I just love it but I really wanted a Canadian magazine printed as we all love our beloved Canada. Designs and scenes of Canada’s beauty inspire me

    Kinkora, Ontario

  23. Pauline White says:

    I just started quilting and I love it but I really wanted a Canadian magazine to show our beautiful country in quilts.


  24. Marian says:

    Recently received a quilt as a gift & love it SO much have decided to try quilting, too! Want Canadian/Native designs that reflect the North. Thanks for Canadian Publication!!

  25. Betty Bach says:

    I was given a subscription to Quilters connection magazine as a christmas gift and to date have not had any results. Today is January 23 and would like to know when I can expect to receive a copy. It was sent to me for a gift by Kathleen Bach from Abbotsford, B.C. If there is a location where the magazine is sold on Vancouver Island I would like to know. Thankyou for your help in this direction. Betty Bach

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