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Winners for The Ugly Quilt Contest

Congratulations (I think!) to the three winners of The Ugly Quilt contest.

First place goes to Jean Kritenbrink for My First Quilt, a quilting disaster.


Second place goes to Sue Mobilia for Work of ‘eart.


Third place goes to A. Carole Grant for The SEA turned RED with blood.


Honourary mention goes to TC for ADD vegetable quilt for coming in fourth place after a very close race for third.


Thanks to everyone that participated, voted and especially to the sponsors for the wonderful prizes.

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This post was published on July 22nd, 2009. Post topics: Quilt Gallery, Special Features. Post tags: .

7 Responses to “Winners for The Ugly Quilt Contest”

  1. Holly says:

    Congrats Jean.
    .-= Holly’s latest post: Holly’s Flower Garden =-.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I don’t think these quilts are all that ugly. I would rather make an ugly quilt that got used and loved on than a beautiful quilt that was never used because it was too beautiful and fancy.

  3. Thanks Michelle, for holding this contest so we could share our “less than perfects”!
    .-= Jean Kritenbrink’s latest post: Mom’s quilt is finished! =-.

  4. Congrats (?) to all of the winners! But dang, I should have entered, I’m sure I could have outdone everyone ;) I guess some of us were just too modest to show our potential winners..ha ha. Actually, you ladies were all braver than most of us and you should be so proud of that. And hey, those quilts aren’t half bad. And there ‘bad half’ is not half as bad as some of my own good halfs on some days ;)
    .-= Michele’s Quilting Journey’s latest post: Freddy and Gwen: In Sisters Again! =-.

  5. Darlee Byron says:

    Congrats to the winners and for bringing these out of the closet to show us at the quilting gallery. Makes us realize that first attempts and our own opinions on our work are better then we think – so enjoy your quilting journeys – as they will only get better and better.
    .-= Darlee Byron’s latest post: Tweet It From The Rooftop =-.

  6. […] Vinnarna i Ugly Quilt Contest som jag skrev om för ett tag sedan. […]

  7. I just visited your Ugly Quilt contest for the first time. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because I REALLY liked this one below!! I wonder what happened to it if she never gave it to her niece? I’d hang it in my house! It sings and zings just like the jazz my husband plays.

    Piano Concerto
    By: Arnevik Joann, Minnesota, USA
    I made this for my niece who loves music. It was so ugly, I just couldn’t give it to her. I will not tell you who I got the idea from because it would embarrass them.
    .-= karen alexander’s latest post: Grandchildren and Their Quilts =-.

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