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“What was I thinking?” – The Ugly Quilt Contest


We’ve all done it… made or started a quilt we hated once we got into the project. Whether it was poor fabric choices, a pattern that just didn’t turn out how you envisioned or a technique that got the better of you.

Enter the “What was I thinking?” – The Ugly Quilt Contest. Here’s your chance to share your blunders with the world and win cool prizes too.

To enter, visit the “What was I thinking?” – The Ugly Quilt Contest main page to read the guidelines, detailed information on the prizes and get the banner code. Follow the link on that page to submit your photo and a short story online.

The submission deadline is July 9, 2009. Please don’t send me your submissions via email.

The prizes up for grabs are:


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Have fun! May the ugliest quilt win.

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This post was published on June 11th, 2009. Post topics: Site News, Special Features. Post tags: .

5 Responses to ““What was I thinking?” – The Ugly Quilt Contest”

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  2. Penny Globe says:

    Oh Michelle!
    You are going to get some amazing pictures. We all have at least one in our closet. Including one of my when I dig it out of the not finished cupboard. I can’t wait to see your response. It will be fun.
    [rq=6833,0,blog][/rq]Today’s play

  3. TC says:

    Anyone else seeing a trend here?

    Note to self: Avoid use of purple fabric. Especially when on painkillers.
    .-= TC’s latest post: ‘Cause they’re just supportive that way. =-.

  4. Mom says:

    As Michele’s Mom, I don’t even sew buttons on or do any type of sewing period. ( I save these projects for when Michele comes!)
    I can’t vote on this contest because all the entries look beautiful to me. I love the colours, patterns, and appreciate the work it took to make these quilts.
    I look forward to seeing who wins this contest from the eyes of experienced quilters.
    Good Luck to everyone…the prizes look and sound wonderful!

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