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Amy Williams

For my spot as a guest blogger, I thougt I’d share the story of how I began quilting. I first wrote about it when I started my blog Seven-Stitches.

I had always been aware of quilting. I have memories of my mother quilting when I was a child and always saw her set of fabric drawers as an infinite source of colours and textures. I had even dabbled in a quilted cushion at the age of 13 (to this day incomplete and lost) and hand quilting an abandoned quilt of my Mother’s. While journeys never really begin or even end I guess, the most suitable starting place is the first quilt I started and finished.

My first quilt was started and completed in 2003. I had always wanted to try quilting. For months I had been eyeing up the quilt store at my bus stop and in July 2003, I finally enrolled in a beginner’s class.

This lovely is a little faded, but still loved. I chose the colours based on a piece of sprightly green fabric the I had been given. While there were next to no bright, clear greens available I managed to put together these colours in a slightly more muted palette.

Amy Williams Quilt

In December 2003, this was given to my Gran as a Christmas present. Gran’s memories were loosing touch with each other and like me, she could remember her daughter, my mother, quilting. As a consequence, this darling was shown off proudly as a piece by her own daughter. A slip of memory that I will hereby consider to be a highest compliment. After some time the quilt was returned to me, carefully name-tagged so that I will always remember that is was once my Gran’s and good enough to be made by my Mum.

Amy Williams Quilt

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