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Dale Anne Potter in SW Saskatchewan

Guest Blogger Month at the Quilting Gallery

Dale Anne Potter

THANK YOU to Michele for this opportunity and for promoting us Quilting Bloggers!!!

I am Dale Anne Potter, a Mixed Media Artist specializing in textiles (fancy name for an Art Quilter). I also dabble in stamping, scrapbooking, altered arts and genealogy. I live with my retired husband, Brian, in a small town in SW Saskatchewan.

I started quilting in the fall of 1984, when we found out we were going to be grandparents for the first time and even tho I was a step-grandmother, I still wanted any grandchild of mine to have a QUILT.

I went to the library, checked out a couple of books and there were very few to pick from those days. I made a few pillow tops at first – all by hand, then I designed a teddy bear for the upcoming baby’s quilt. I didn’t have very much of a choice for cotton fabrics either, so the 3 colours of fabrics I used were a cotton/poly blend.

Trista's Quilt

I look at that quilt, which is still around (faded somewhat as Trista was in & out of the hospital alot those first couple of years, and the quilt went with her!) and I am amazed it held together. Applique stitches were far apart, and the quilting stitches were huge.

Class Sampler

Once that quilt was finished, I took a class from Eleanor Pohl in Regina in early 1985. I started the class using the sewing machine like everyone else in that class, but I decided that wasn’t for me so finished the class by hand piecing & hand quilting that sampler.

I continued hand piecing and hand quilting through the years, learning alot from magazines and books. I started designing my own quilts in 1991, selling the smaller ones at consignment shops around Alberta. In 1997, I took a job in the High Arctic – Taloyoak, Nunavut (back then it was still in the Northwest Territories) and because of the full-time job, I decided to start machine piecing, but still loved the hand applique and quilting.

In 1999, I lost my sister, Mary Lou (who was 10 months younger than me) to cancer – 10 months after my bout with cancer. I decided Taloyoak was a little too far from my family and decided to open a quilt shop in my hometown of Oyen, Alberta. Farming economy being what it was at the time, it was not a good time for starting a small business, so after 2 years I was forced to close.

I taught most of the classes at the shop over those 2 years, and didn’t pick up anything for about 6 months after closing.

When I did start back quilting, I decided to try "Art Quilting". The new thing at the time was to make Journal Quilts (8.5 X 11") which is a perfect size to start Art Quilting with. I enjoyed the creative process of designing a small art piece.

I have been designing, teaching and exhibiting since 2004. I enjoy dyeing my own fabrics, adding soy wax batiking to them and/or using fabric paints to add just that something else to them.

I am mostly self taught, have read many Quilting Arts magazines, blogs, websites, and books plus taken a couple classes with Anna Hergert (now of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan)

I LOVE finding inspiration all around me, sometimes its a gnarly old tree or the pattern in the sand after a rain.

I am presently working a body of work using Saskatchewan and my Metis heritage as the inspiration. Once I have 6 or 7 pieces done, I will be approaching a couple venues for a Solo Exhibit in either 2010 or 2011. I am, also, working on numerous Call for Entries for this year and will be part of a Studio Express Art Tour this fall (details will be on my website in a month or so as we are working out the details).

My blog will give you some tidbits as I work through my creative process or you may subscribe to my monthly newsletter by signing up on the front page of my website. The newsletter will have the latest workshops/classes, exhibition happenings and some other happenings.

In January, I was lucky enough to win the Diva for a Day contest on Living Saskatchewan (CBC Regina TV) and the airing of the episodes are this week – with the final reveal on Feb. 12th. I posted an older blog post about the experience and today, I will post the reveal photo along with my feelings since the whole 2 days of taping on my blog.

Dale Anne in SW Saskatchewan

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2 Responses to “Dale Anne Potter in SW Saskatchewan”

  1. Kathy Stuart says:

    Saw your comments on the quilt art blog and am enjoying your comments. I’m from Regina and now live in the Chicago area. I smiled when Laura said that spring is here, and from our point of view it is. They really don’t know what “cold” is! Haven’t lived in Sask since 1992 and don’t plan on moving back either!
    I entered the show in Saskatoon in May and am waiting to hear if I got in or not…maybe see you there.

  2. tricia says:

    hi Kathy, tought if I put yr name in something might come up and voila here u are, hope all well, take care, Tricia.

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