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Take a journey and visit Bee Sew Whimsical, a warm and friendly online store for all those that are whimsical at heart. We stock patterns for patchwork, appliqué, stitcheries, dolls, beaded jewelry, prim "needfuls" (notepads, handmade candle melts, linen sprays) and so much more is always buzzing into our hive.

Owner of Bee Sew Whimsical is me… Darlene Carroll. My aim is for visitors to our site, to feel at home, browse and shop at your heart’s content in a safe and secure place. You’re always welcome at Bee Sew Whimsical.

Darlene Carroll

I started Bee Sew Whimsical in August 2004…. mostly just sorting paper work out, designing patterns with Snickerdoodle Dreams and getting yummy goodies to sell worldwide. My aim is to "Plant smiles and Grow Giggles" in your everyday crafting life and be inspired to create!

This led to expanding Bee Sew Whimsical to the internet in May 2005 – a huge undertaking that proved successful. In late 2006, I opened up a part of my home as a little "mini boutique" store, in which customers are always welcome with a cuppa on hand while you get to see everything up close and personal. There’s nothing like seeing a finished project up close. September 2007, saw the introduction of The Whimsical Honeypot – a monthly PDF booklet newsletter – free to subscribers only… which is proving highly successful. It features – Guest Honeypots (designers) with their little gift to share, coupons, specials, competitions and ramblings about anything patchwork/crafting related.

I am privileged to work in partnership with Heather Paige (Snickerdoodle Dreams – a US based graphic designer and my wonderful friend). I work Heather’s gorgeous graphical designs into the bee-autiful patchwork/stitching patterns/projects that are found on our website. We have also collaborated on stitchery booklets and currently work on other fun projects within Heather’s new "ClipArt Heaven" subscription area. Heather was then moving into Digital Scrapbook designing and asked if I would like to learn this new craft. She created her own digital creative design team (including me) – making & promoting digital layouts using her scrapbook kits.

In 2006, my next door neighbour was diagnosed with Breast Cancer… immediately, I knew I had to do something to help in this fight. I approached Heather with an idea and gave Heather a list of whimsical ideas that I wanted in a design. She in turn created this amazing drawing… the angel’s wings are actually pink ribbons with the words – Breast Cancer Awareness…. which led to a Breast Cancer Fundraising initiative called…Hope’s Possibilities. Hope does make it all possible…and that is what this gorgeous angel gal will do. Bring a smile to the face of a woman in need of smiles. To give back that smile & encourage these special women that face this awful disease & battle each day with such strength & dignity.

Giving back that reason to HOPE…

Hope's Possibilities

2009, see new journeys and dreams fulfilled. It will see both Heather and I become partners under the Snickerdoodle Dreams name – bringing fresh, creative and positive inspiration in our patterns to the patchwork world. We also have launched another new adventure… Snickerdoodle Dreams Community. A crafting community where all quilters/crafters feel welcomed, encouraged to share & learn, being creatively inspired & surrounded by friendship! Stop by… you’re most welcome!!

I thank Heather for her wonderful friendship, encouragement and valuable advice. She is my very own angel in disguise and I treasure our friendship each day! Just because you never meet someone in real life, doesn’t mean you can’t be great friends.

My family is my inspiration and they encourage me to pursue my dreams, as I encourage them to pursue their dreams. I am privileged to be able to work from home doing what I love and still spending time with my children helping them achieve their dreams and goals. What a great gift to be given – to nurture their talents along the way.

My daughter, Ashlei, makes and designs beaded jewelry (BeeDed Bitz) in her spare moments between high school assignments. She has also tried her hand at digital scrapbooking. This year, she continues to pursue her art designing & photography courses at school. Another budding crafter in the making? Maybe. As for my son… well, he’s a swimmer & cricketer… so I somehow don’t think he’ll be taking up a needle and thread… though never say never… hehe.

Last, but most important of all – my whimsical friends. To all I’ve met and all I hope to meet. Without you, this whimsical adventure wouldn’t exist. My wish is that you enjoy your journey through the beehive. My aim is to plant smiles and grow giggles along the way. This year, Bee Sew Whimsical turns the big "5"… quite an achievement!! And it’s all due to the wonderful customers (I call them friends) that have made this journey possible. To have orders buzzing all over the world… and of course….home sweet home – Australia is such a buzz – it makes me happy that others like the patterns that we stock and those new patterns that Heather and I create. We are on a new adventure and living the dreams and ideas that inspire us each day.

Take care… may your day be filled with creative stitches & inspiration

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