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Free Paper Pieced Block Patterns from Carol Doak

Free Paper Pieced Block Patterns from Carol Doak

Carol Doak, the Queen of paper piecing in my mind, has some wonderful free patterns on her web site. The pattern in the photo is called May Flower.

Carol has a blog too, Carol Doak’s Corner.

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5 Responses to “Free Paper Pieced Block Patterns from Carol Doak”

  1. violie kreider says:

    I am working on your Leymone block and have the corner ready to paper piece but can’t figure out how to sew the 6 pieces together on the quarter of the block. can you help me with this???thanks

  2. Mishka says:

    Hi Violie,

    You should ask your questions to Carol Doak on her web site. I was just featuring one of her patterns on my site.



  3. violie kreider says:

    got it figured out but now have to figure out how to reduce it to make a 9″ block–maybe you can answer this for me or tell me the measurements to make. thanks

  4. violie kreider says:

    tried her site and can’t find a place to submit a question…

  5. Theresa Elchin says:

    I went to a quilting biggners class I am doing the 16 star with squares 12 X 12 i am not sure about the border for each square i dont know the size of border i have 20 squares to put borders on.. hope i can get help i go too fla. each winter where i took the class but i am not going back till Nov. I bought white on white to border each squares…..

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