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Women on Quilts

Women On Quilts is for and about women engaged in a business within the wide world of quilts and for all women who contribute meaning to their lives and others through quilting.

Women On Quilts, Women Seaming Business and Spirit Together in the Creative Arts.

Through interviews, teleclasses and webcasts Kim Wulfert will give you easy access to meet some of the great women for which quilting is a part of their life and career.

Read Judy Breneman’s interview of Kim Wulfert.

Join in on the first phone interview this Thursday with Pat Sloan. You need to register in advace, but it’s free.

Unfortuntely, I’ll be travelling and won’t be able to listen in.

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This post was published on November 5th, 2008. Post topics: Quilting Events.

One Response to “Women on Quilts”

  1. pat sloan says:

    Register anyway and you can listen afterwards… woot woot!

    pat sloan

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