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Introducing Tammy, The Quilt Designing Computer Geek

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I began quilting when I was 19. I was orphaned before I was a teenager, was separated from my four siblings and lived in various (bad) foster homes until an aunt and uncle took me in when I was 15. When I was 19, I paid a girlfriend’s grandma to make me a quilt. That quilt is still on my bed to this day.

Shortly thereafter, I read the saying, “When you Sleep Under a Quilt, You Sleep Under a Blanket of Love”.

I cannot tell you what that saying and quilt did to my broken and bruised heart. Quilting became the embracing hug that I no longer received from my parents. It was the love that I was unable to share with my siblings. It made the loneliness that I’d experienced throughout my teenage years disappear. It was at that moment that quilting became the passion in my soul that I needed to share with others.

Unfortunately, I have environmental skin allergies. They are very bad, to the point that my hands have been blistered about half of my adult life…and if it’s not my hands, it’s my feet or my torso. That means that playing with fabric can cause serious injuries to my skin. It’s terrible, both not being able to enjoy my passion as much as I would like; and then when I do indulge myself with a weekend of quilting, I suffer terribly with my skin – but my quilted heart is calmed.

So, I’ve become the Quilt Designing Computer Geek. I quilt one day a week, design patterns anytime I have a free moment and work on the computer with quilt-related customers and websites. During the day, my work revolves around web hosting, website design, webmaster duties and online advertising sales (not everything quilt-related). In the evenings, I run any one of my quilt-related websites. It keeps my hands in quilting without endangering my skin any more than I must. And it keeps the quilting passion that I have alive and well – in my quilted heart.

Most of the quilts that I’ve designed are made of traditional patterns, though I am very partial to block of the month quilts because I like not having to make the same block over and over to make a quilt. To satisfy this part of my love of quilting, I started www.BOMquilts.com. Then I found that I needed a fun way to document the quilts that I’ve made, so I launched www.QuiltScrapbook.com. Through those two websites, I just kept the quilting spirit alive on the Internet – beginning sites such as www.QuiltTags.com, www.QuiltCoupons.com, www.QuiltTherapy.com, www.Quiltalicious.com, QuiltBlogAds.com, www.QuiltHeart.com, www.QuiltShopMarketing.com and my newest website, www.QuiltDash.com.

I have the most fun designing baby quilts, I suppose because I have four children. There are three baby quilts that I’ve found great success with – I call them one-bobbin quilt tops! The tops can be made, at least on my sewing machine, with just filling the bobbin one time. And all three are beginner-friendly, with full-color quilt patterns and illustrations to help the quilter create their own quilted work of art. The three quilts are named, “Hug & Mooch Baby Quilt“, “Nine-Patch Star Baby Quilt” and “Building Blocks Baby Quilt” – and all three are available at www.Quiltalicious.com.

Hug & Mooch Baby Quilt

Nine-Patch Star Baby Quilt

Building Blocks Baby Quilt

I can’t imagine any other life than being a Quilt Designing Computer Geek. It’s left me with one of the most precious ways to share my quilted heart with others, while giving the recipients of my quilts an opportunity to have a quilted hug. It’s really true – When You Sleep Under a Quilt, You Sleep Under a Blanket of Love!

Tammy Harrison, CEO
Quilt Designing Computer Geek

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This post was published on October 8th, 2008. Post topics: Guest Bloggers, Quilt Gallery.

2 Responses to “Introducing Tammy, The Quilt Designing Computer Geek”

  1. Regina says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your story – and your talents -with us. I have been on http://www.BOMquilts.com before, but never knew the back-story behind the website. Your efforts really help all of us spread the love – and although your hands may not be touching all that fabric, know that you have a guiding hand in many quilts out there.

    thank you!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Regina. I’m glad you enjoy BOMquilts.com, because it’s my “baby” – being the first quilt-related site I started. I should have also mentioned that even though I shouldn’t, when I hear of a child who may be in need of some quilted love, I waste no time in making a quilt for them regardless of my allergies. I have an afghan that an aunt gave to me (that I still use on my bed, too) when I was 13 — and that was sometimes the only thing that I was able to call “home” amongst the misfortunes of the foster homes of my youth.

    I am grateful that other quilters, such as yourself, are helping share the quilted love that I have!


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