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Been quiet around here …

I’ve been busy working on a new web site for my sister that we launched last night. It’s for daycare providers and parents in Durham Region, Ontario. If you live in the area, or know people that do, please visit. It’s an exciting venture for her and I wish her all the success in the world.

Logo: Durham Region Daycare

I’ve also been planning the finer details of my trip to Nashville. I’m leaving on Sunday, driving through northeastern New York, into Ohio where I’ll stay one night and explore Dutch/Amish country the next day, then head into Kentucky for another night, then continue on into Nashville arriving on Tuesday. If you know of any must stop and see quilt shops on the way, please let me know. I’ll have my cell phone with me, and my laptop, so if you want to get together drop me an email.

I’ve received 14 lovely submissions for the Lazy Days of Summer Photo Contest which I hope to post on the weekend before I leave. Note, you don’t have to be a member of the Quilting Bloggers directory to submit a photo, I think there was some confusion on this. It’s open to anyone. Keep those submissions coming!

I also have a new guest blogger to feature later this week, or early next week. And, I’m busy working on something very special for this site … to be revealed in the next couple of days.. stay tuned.

Oh, I do have a request for help … I’ve been waiting two months to get some black perle cotton size 12 from the local shop here. Apparently, they are the only place that has it in town, and guess what, they still don’t have it. Does anyone know where I can buy it in the US, perhaps a chain store, that I can stop at on my way. I’m bringing some pieces to hand blanket stitch for my niece’s quilt, and I’d really like to get working on them once I hit the road. Does Joanne’s sell it (I’ve never looked), or Michaels in the US? Do quilt shops normally carry it, just the ones I know about up here don’t?

Happy Quilting,

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This post was published on August 13th, 2008. Post topics: Site News. Post tags: , .

4 Responses to “Been quiet around here …”

  1. Jean K says:

    I checked out JoAnne’s online and couldn’t find your black perle. Perhaps you will be able to pop into a store and find it. Bummer it is taking so long!

  2. Mary says:

    I can find size 12 perle cotton at Michaels. Joann’s usually just has the size 8 and 5. The colors are limited but they should have black.

  3. Mishka says:

    The local store called earlier today, and they finally got it in. So, I’ll drop by tomorrow and pick it up.

    I did call Joanne’s in Ogdensburg, NY and she had 1 ball of the size 12, so I’ll call her back to let her know I won’t be coming by there to pick it up.

    It’ll be funny if after I stitch with it, I decide I don’t like the 12 afterall and stay with the 8… haha.

    Thanks for the recommendations! I had an email about Hobby Lobby as an option, which I had never heard of before.

  4. Janet Gordon says:

    I hope you have a wonderful trip, Michele. Can’t wait to hear all your news on it and look at your pictures.

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