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Bali Pops Tutorial


Here’s a quick and easy project, Bali Pops Tutorial. I love these fabrics, and this pattern is sure to come together very quickly. Sometimes we all need a project that’s just straight stitches and no fancy points to worry about… or is that just me?

In addition to instructions using 2.5″ strips, Rachel also provides measurements if you are using Fat Quarters, Jelly Cakes and Sweet 16 Rolls.

Posted: August 5th, 2008

Topics: Free Projects, Tips and Tricks

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8 Responses to “Bali Pops Tutorial”

  1. Fabricfaire says:

    What a great pattern! Looks like a stash buster!

  2. Ferne says:

    I like this! A lot! I need a break from matching corners right now. I could see these making some fun pot holders for gifts.

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  4. DAVET Nicole says:

    Super..! To day I prepared 25 squares , most of them are stitched…It’s easy and beautiful Thanks for the tutorial !!!
    Please, excuse this mail which is written in an english…so..so..so.

  5. Mishka says:


    Your English is perfectly fine!!

  6. DAVET Nicole says:

    Well I finished the top…I started to “quilt”it..In fact I stitched long stemms which look like philodendron’s..
    To day, much difficulties to draw the leaves …invisibles drawings on dark fabrics..even if I use a white pen..Have you an other way to tell me ?? Thanks.

  7. Mishka says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Do you have pounce?

    Did you ask Rachel, the creator of the tutorial? She might have some ideas for you.

    There’s also this tutorial… using freezer paper.

    And I’ve seen tutorials on line using saran wrap similar to the one above.

    Hope this helps,

  8. DAVET Nicole says:

    My quilt is finished…You may have a look at it here.

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