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Ergonomics 101 for Your Sewing Area

There’s a great article over on the Lemon Tree Tales’ web site, Sewing Room Ergonomics or why does it hurt when I sew?.

My sewing machine and table set-up are my problem. I really need to lower my machine, about 4 inches, but can’t afford to buy a new table right now. I can raise the chair, and will try that again, with the presser foot on some boxes. I found the presser foot kept falling off the phone book I was using in the past. I only feel the stress when I’m doing the quilting part, no problems with piecing or regular sewing.

Here’s a completely unrelated link to a blog post a friend of mine made earlier tonight, Saving the Environment by Renovating the Little Red Golf. Please forgive the intrusion… we’re testing some Googleze to see what happens. Us web developers always have to stay on top of such things.

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2 Responses to “Ergonomics 101 for Your Sewing Area”

  1. Tracey says:

    Just noting that I actually had to lower my chair and raise my desk in order to not hunch over quite as much when I sew. But now I’ll go check out that article and see what they say…

  2. Mishka says:

    I lowered my chair a bit when I was piecing and it made the world of difference, but I can’t seem to find the correct height for when I’m quilting. I’ll show ya the set up next time you’re over to see if you have any suggestions.


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