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Quilting Bloggers Directory

I’m super excited, and I hope you will be too, to announce the Quilting Bloggers directory that I’ve built.

Several of you have asked or commented about the huge list of Bloggers that used to run along the sidebar of this site. Well, now I’ve organized them into a database and made it searchable, by Location, Alphabetically, or by Blog Name/URL.

As of this writing, there are 441 Quilting Bloggers in the database, representing 20 countries, 43 American states, and 5 Canadian provinces/territories.

Take a guess which country, after the United States, currently has the most listings? Actually, let’s have a contest, leave a comment below with the answer of the 2nd and 3rd highest countries represented, and I’ll have a Fat Quarter draw at the end of the week.

Are you a Quilting Blogger? Are you listed? If not, Submit Your Site.

Are you listed, but want to make a change? No problem. Just find your listing, and click on the bubble-like icon that appears on the right side of your listing, fill out the form, and I’ll update your details as soon as I can.

Share the news … I’d really appreciate it if you helped spread the word. I’ve created some logos that you can use on your own web site. Thanks, your support is very helpful!

Small Quilting Bloggers Logo
White background
width: 180px, height: 70px
  Smallest Quilting Bloggers Logo
White background
width: 150px, height: 58px

I’d love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment or send me an email.

Don’t forget to enter the FQ contest by submitting a comment below answering which countries are second and third most represented, after the United States, in the Quilting Bloggers directory.

Posted: May 28th, 2008

Topics: Site News


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20 Responses to “Quilting Bloggers Directory”

  1. Diana says:

    I’d say second after U.S. is Australia and third is Norway. BTW, thank you for organizing all this information! Your site is great.

  2. Candace says:

    My guess would be Australia and England. I agree, your site is great.

  3. Mishka says:

    I should point out, it doesn’t have to be a guess. By browsing around the Quilting Bloggers area, you can easily find the answer.


  4. Jan Andrews says:

    Thanks for adding me. I put the logo on my blog and will write a post.

  5. Amanda Ryan says:

    I could go through the list to find out, but it’s too much of a chore, so my guess is Australia and the UK. This looks like it will be a very useful site.

  6. Linda says:

    I’m with everyone else, thinkiong that Aussie is next on the list. As an ex-Aussie living in the US I try to keep up with the quilting aussie blogs. Love your site, very helpful.

  7. Regina says:

    My guess is Australia and Canada

  8. Maggie says:

    what a great site. thanks for including my blog.
    My guess is Australia then Canada & UK tied.

  9. Valerie says:

    I would guess U.S. then Australia, then UK. I added the logo to my blog. Thanks for including me!

  10. Lisa D. says:

    What a great resource! I’m always on the lookout for quilt blogs that I haven’t yet discovered. Thanks for including my blog on your list!

  11. Chookyblue says:

    Of course behind the US is the best country in the world………lol………..Australia and then it is neck and neck with Canada and UK so depends on how many site you add and when to get the count…..l

    I love the site with all the wonderful links and have done a post about it and included a link on my blog………spread the word……….

  12. Leanne says:

    Thanks for adding me to your site its a great place to visit. I’m with most of the others Aust then Canada will add you badge to my blog.

  13. Lyn says:

    Hello Michele, thank you for adding me to the Quilter’s Blogger Site. Regards Lyn

  14. BCQuilter says:

    Hello Michele

    Thank you for adding my blog to your directory. What a great idea. Your site is my most recent blog entry, and I have you splashed on it too.


  15. maree watt says:

    Thankyou for putting me on your blog list,I have put your logo on my blog.

  16. Kathy Earley says:

    Thanks for adding me to your site. I have posted about your site and added your logo.

    Again, THANKS!

  17. Thank you for putting my blog in the list!
    I too have posted about your site (in my language) and added the nice logo!

    Yvonne aka sommeke in Antwerp/Belgium

  18. Sarah Nopp says:

    I just wrote a little post and am working on adding the logo to the side. Is there some code I can insert somewhere?

  19. Carol in Australia says:

    After the US, Australia has the most bloggers on this site, followed by The Netherlands, then Germany. btw, great site!

  20. Joy LaVon says:

    I am thinking Japan, and China.

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