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Dream Catcher

A beautiful quilt by Deb Karasik of Quilt Mavens.


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This post was published on February 2nd, 2008. Post topics: Quilt Gallery. Post tags: .

4 Responses to “Dream Catcher”

  1. Ann Miller says:

    You Quilt Mavens just take my breath away. Quilting is a fantastic skill and you ladies just take it to the MAX. This one is surpreme.

  2. Linda Kountz says:

    Oh my it is just wonderful

  3. Alex Leigh says:

    This is the most amazing quilt I’ve ever seen! Is there a pattern for this project? If there is please tell me where to find it! Thanks!

  4. Deb Karasik says:

    Yes…there is a pattern for this quilt. I call it DreamCatcher and it’s in my second book, Quilts With Attitude. (available on my website and everywhere else you can buy books)


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